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SLH Sliding Roof Hatches

Sliding Roof Hatch

Surespan SLH sliding roof hatches have many advantages over standard 90° opening roof access hatches. The sliding roof hatches are ideal where there is a height restriction or risk of high wind ensuring your roof hatch is operable in all weather conditions. Additionally, the sliding roof hatch can be utilized for airflow control or ventilation.

The lid is filled with 50mm of CFC and HCFC free insulation with a minimum U-Value of 0.43W/m²K to BS3958: Part 5: 1986. This offers a high level of thermal insulation, together with excellent sound absorption properties.

The hatch is designed to be wired direct into the BMS or FAS system by others for complete monitoring.

- GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 3.

- ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0.

Glazed Sliding Roof Access Hatch Glazed Sliding Roof Access Hatch Sliding Roof Access Hatch Glazed Sliding Box Roof Access

Surespan offer sliding roof hatches, which can be glazed and electrically operated. This design was produced because of the height restrictions, which precluded our standard hinged hatch.

We can design and manufacture glazed roof boxes with a manually operated side door and and an electrically operated sliding roof. Click here to further information.

Glazed Box Unit Glazed Box Unit Glazed Box Unit

SLH Sliding Roof Hatch - Closed ViewSLH Sliding Roof Hatch - Plan View

SLH Sliding Roof Hatch SLH Sliding Roof Hatch SLH Sliding Roof Hatch

For further information. Please contact our sales department.

Sliding Roof Access Hatches


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