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SLH Roof Hatch with telescopic or fixed runners

Surespan Sliding Roof Hatch


For tall buildings and high wind situations

Surespan SLH sliding roof hatches and sliding glass roof lights provide many advantages over standard roof access hatches. The sliding access hatch is ideal where there is a height restrictions or in areas with high risk of wind. They are also ideal for access to roof terraces via a staircase.

Surespan sliding covers are manufactured with a thermally broken lid and upstand as standard. The sliding mechanism can be sold with fixed rails or internal telescopic rails.

The lid is filled with 50mm of CFC and HCFC free insulation with a U-value of 0.43 W/m²K. Surespan can also provide bespoke solutions such as our glazed sliding hatch over a fixed roof window.

Fixed Rails

Fixed Sliding

Telescopic Rails

Telescopic Sliding

Standard Features

  • Thermally Broken Lid and Upstand
  • Fixed Rails or telescopic rails
  • Curb liner for installation
  • Custom made to any size
  • Insulation U-Value 0.43 W/m2K
  • Fully insulated and energy efficient
  • Secure rigid aluminium weather tight cover
  • ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of 0
  • GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 3

Insulation Options

Insulation U-Value Achieved
50mm Standard insulation 0.43 W/m²K
50mm Premium insulation 0.37 W/m²K
50mm Superior insulation 0.20 W/m²K

Calculated to BS EN ISO 6946: 2007



Standard Sizes

Telescopic Runners


Fixed Runners


Thermal Break

All Surespan sliding roof hatches are thermally broken.

Product RefStructural Opening  
* the actuator mechanism occupies minimum space to give maximum clear opening space
TH.SLID/T 60.60600 x 600
TH.SLID/T 80.80800 x 800
TH.SLID/T 90.75900 x 750
TH.SLID/T 90.90900 x 900
TH.SLID/T 100.1001000 x 1000
TH.SLID/T 120.1201200 x 1200
TH.SLID/T 75.250750 x 2500
Custom size
Product RefStructural Opening  
* the actuator mechanism occupies minimum space to give maximum clear opening space
TH.SLID/F 120.1801200 x 1800
TH.SLID/F 160.2401600 x 2400
TH.SLID/F 180.751800 x 750
TH.SLID/F 180.2251800 x 2250
TH.SLID/F 150.3001500 x 3000
TH.SLID/F 240.3602400 x 3600
TH.SLID/F 300.3003000 x 3000
Custom size


Control Options

Manual Handle

Manual Only

Manual opening only.

Electric control


Can be supplied with associated control panels & accessories.

Solar panels


Can be connected to purpose made panel.


Additional Control Features

Control Unit

Control Unit

Gas Spring assisted operation.

Domestic Push Button


Push button for domestic use.

Domestic Key Switch


Key switch for domestic use.

Industrial Push button


Push button for industrial use.

Industrial Key switch


Key switch for industrial use.

Fire alarm opening command


Fire alarm opening command.


Additional Control Features

Emergency Stop Button


Emergency stop button.

Key Switch


Key switch.

Fire alarm opening command


Fire alarm opening command.


Locking options

Standard cablock


Standard cablock internal opening only.

Sliding bolt with padlock


Internal sliding bolt with padlock hasp.

Electric locking


Electrical locking.


Curb Options

Hatch without curb


Exposed insulation.

Hatch with curb liner

Curb Liner

Standard aluminium curb liner.

Hatch with mesh liner

Mesh Liner

For bitumin roof.

Hatch with standard metal deck liner

MD Liner

Standard metal deck liner.

Rain Skirt

Rain Skirt

Standard rain skirt.

Hatch with 300mm upstand

300 Upstand

300mm upstand.


Ladders & Extensions

NOTE: Safety grid is hinged on the opposite side of the lid unless otherwise requested.

Retractable safety grid


Retractable safety grid.

RetractabLE Extension


Retractab ladder extension.

Retractable hand hold


Retractable hand hold.

Fixed external hand hold


Fixed external hand hold 1100 high.

Retractable single post


Retractable hand hold single post.

Sureguard safety handrails


Safety handrail system.

Standard ladder


Standard ladder.

Ladder with cage


Standard ladder with cage.

Ladder with retractable lower section


Ladder with retractable lower section.

ZIP ladder


Retractable ZIP ladder.

Standard ship ladder


Standard ship ladder.

Ship ladder with platform


Ship ladder & platform.


Optional Features

Glazed top


Sealed double glazed top.

Thermal break

Thermal Break

Thermally broken extrusions.

Trace heating

Trace Heating

Placed within extrusion.

Twin colour hatches

External Colour

External powder coating

Twin colour hatches

Internal Colour

Internal powder coating

Rain sensor


Activated by rainfall.

Wind sensor

Wind sensor

Activated by wind.

Walk on top cover

Walk-on Top

Rigid walk-on cover.



Non-slip surface finish.

Stainless Steel Hatch


Stainless steel access hatch.

Louvred hatch


Louvred upstand.

Variable upstand


Variable upstand.

Pressure sensitive edge


Pressure sensitive edge.

Biocote antimicrobial coating


Antimicrobial technology.

  • Sliding Types
  • Thermal Break
  • Solar Power
  • Ladders
  • Special Features
  • Other Features

Sliding Types

Surespan can produce two types of mechanism. Telescopic and fixed. These are available in a multitude of options.

Sliding glazed roof hatch


Glazed sliding rooflights are a beautiful alternative to our standard aluminium lids allowing further light into the room below and provides a suitable product for access onto roof terraces. See specail features below for more alternatives.


Electrically operated sliding hatches can be glazed or aluminium and provide a single button opening of the lid. Control centre provides use of wall mounted push buttons, key turn switch and connection to FAS/BMS Management system. Also suitable for daily air ventilation

Double Leaf

Double sliding lids can be telescopic or fixed for larger sliding hatches and provide perfect means of plant access with equipment and personnel use. These are ideal combined with electric openers. And provide maximum clear opening.

Thermally Broken Extruded Sections

All Surespan SLH Sliding Roof Hatches are offered with thermally broken extruded sections, offering clients excellent energy conservation properties and substantially reducing internal condensation or frost formation.

This in turn reduces thermal conductivity and consequently the heat loss due to heat conduction through the roof hatch frame. Combined with our superior insulation option offering a U-value of 0.20 W/m²K, our sliding hatches can meet most energy efficiency standards.

Thermally Broken Sections

Solar Powered Roof Hatches

All Surespan electrically operated roof hatches are available using solar technology, offering clients an environmentally friendly alternative.

A 12V solar panel is fitted either onto or nearby the roof hatch, harnessing solar energy to charge it's batteries and allowing the hatch to automatically open and close using a completely wireless system. This can be operated by either a wireless switch or remote control. It's batteries are fitted with a conditioned monitoring feature which sounds an alarm if they are running low or indicate a fault.

Additional options including being linked up to the building's Fire Alarm System (FAS) or Building Management System (BMS) are available. Multiple roof hatches can be operated by one solar panel.

This technology can also be applied to Surespan's SRHG glazed roof hatches.

Solar Hatches

Solar Access Hatch

Sliding Roof Hatch with ladder

SLH Roof Hatch with Vertical Ladder

SLH Roof Hatch with SLC/RH Vertical Fixed Ladder with Retractable Handhold.

See SL Access Ladders for Further Details

SLH Roof Hatch with Zip Retractable Ladder

SLH Roof Hatch with Zip Retractable Ladder with Extended Skirt Liner and Ceiling Drop Down Door.

See Zip Ladders for Further Details

SLH Roof Hatch with Ship Ladder

SLH Roof Hatch with Ships Ladder.

See SHP Ships Ladders for Further Details

Glazed Sliding over fixed roof light

Fixed Rail Sliding Equipment Access

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SLH43 Roof Hatch

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